Rock Fists

Rock Fists

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And The Grammy Goes To...

So every day my boys are at school I call around 2p (nap time) to find out how their day has been so far.  Did they eat all their lunch?  Did they go potty?  #1 or #2?  Was it actually in the potty? (That's directed toward you, Mitch).  When they were in the infant room we used to receive progress reports each day.  These told us how much they ate, what they ate and when they ate it. It also told us when they went to bathroom, what it was, etc. We also were able to speak directly to the teacher who was with them all day which was a huge plus.  If there were problems or medicine they needed to take, etc you knew you were speaking to the person who was with them all day from start to finish.  However since they moved up to the toddler rooms, this is not the case.  No more progress reports.  So this is an easy way to get an update on how they are doing overall, as well as find out what they did that day so we can discuss it on the ride home or over dinner.

The other day Max's teacher told me a funny story.  They have a stereo in the class and while they normally listen to CD's I guess someone hit the tuner button and the radio came on.  Max then asks his teacher, "Can we listen to talk radio"?

Wait, what?  Talk Radio?  The only talk radio I listen to in the car with them is sports talk radio.  They like when the hosts say Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and Dunkin Donuts (which is pretty often).  However I do listen to the Morning Buzz on Rock 101 out of Manchester, NH which has a morning talk show.  They love it when they say Morning Buzz because I think they think it's Toy Story radio.. Hey, whatever works to get them to school, you know?

But we try as best we can to have music on in the car at all times..  And all types of music.  We don't let them dictate and have us listen to the Wheels on the Bus 400 times in a row because they would and I would proceed to drive off a cliff.  When they drive, they can listen to whatever they want.  But when I'm driving, it's my music.  So they get a heavy dose of Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Lynyrd Skynryd, Chili Peppers, 80's and some other stuff.  My wife listens to a little more alternative type of music (DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER - she also likes some of the same music I like), so they really get a good mix between the two of us.

Whatever it is they end up listening to when they are older though will be their choice of course, but I'm sure it'll suck compared to my music. 

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