Rock Fists

Rock Fists

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Cheng Du Conundrum

So recently I went to go visit my friend Terrence who was in from the west coast..  It was a last minute decision to go as my wife had an appointment after work and I was going to be home with the boys..  I thought, why not..  I'll just pick them up from school and take them to the restaurant.  He's never met them before and would love to meet them..

Now, let's back up and refresh..  Max is completely potty trained..  I mean, this kid is 1 step away from wiping his own butt..  It is truly a miracle, and not one of those "I saw Jesus in my grilled cheese" kind of miracles..  But we were seriously starting to believe that Max was going to be the first child in the history of the world to graduate high school still wearing pull ups..  And then, one day, it clicked..  Thank God..

Now, Mitch on the other hand is a different story.. He peed in the potty first and has been doing that consistently pretty well without too many accidents for over a year now..  It's the pooping he has a slight problem with..  Sometimes he'll tell us he has to poop, sometimes he doesn't.  More often than not he just seems to slide away out of view and we don't notice what's going on until Max comes over and says "Mommy/Daddy (one word) Mitch is pooping"..  And sure enough, he is.. I don't know if it's a twin thing or what, but more often than not he's right..

Fast forward to after work..  I pick up the boys from school and head to the restaurant.  Now, since I came directly from work and this was a spur of the moment thing, I do not have the diaper bag.  Repeat, do NOT have the diaper bag..  This would normally have such items as, oh, I don't know, extra pull ups and wipes..   These are two very important items to have when one of your children is not fully potty trained.  He had already pooped twice that day however so I wasn't too concerned about him pooping again..

What's that old law from that guy Murphy?  Yes, that one..

Inevitably, Mitch has to go potty while we are in the restaurant.  I figure, great he told me, we'll go, he'll be fine..  Yeah well, he told me had to go potty, which he did..  But he neglected to tell me that he had already pooped.. What do I do?  I have no extra pull ups, I have no wipes, I have no extra underwear.. 

So I wet a bunch of paper towels and wiped him till he's clean.  And then Mitch learned a new phrase to add to his already extensive language:  Going Commando


  1. It's always good to keep extra pull ups and wipes in the trunk along with a spare change of clothes and underwear. I learned that from having an older one. Love reading your twin stories- keep em coming!

  2. Thanks Ronni.. We're usually VERY good about bringing the diaper bag, to which it is still commonly referred.. although technically they're not wearing diapers anymore.. My wife has wipes in her car all the time, but since we always take the bag, I didn't think about that.. You would think after 4 years that would be a no-brainer huh? I know the minute I put those pull ups and wipes in the car he'll be fully potty trained.. Hmm, maybe I'm on to something