Rock Fists

Rock Fists

Monday, October 17, 2011

Clown College

Took the boys to the circus recently.  It is simply amazing the crap that they sell there, and what's even more amazing is the amount they charge for it!  I will admit, I bought the boys these plastic cups with circus animals on them and they light up.  They were just really big sno-cones.  (FYI, the cups are still blinking, I think there is a date with the dumpster coming soon).  It was just to stop the whining..  Like in Clue when Mr. Green (Michael McKeon) slaps Mrs. Peacock (Eileen Brennan) across the face and says the famous line "well I had to stop her from screaming!"  Well I decided against the slapping (they kinda frown upon that) and just bought the sno-cones..  It worked.

Anyway, I never really went to the circus as a kid, not that I remember anyway.. So I believe this was only my second time there (my first being last year).  My initial reaction last year was that there weren't as many animals as I had expected.  And this year, there were even less. It's more of a Cirque Du Soliel show now than a circus.  Trapeze artists, people hanging from the ceiling, people doing amazing stunts..  And then they mix in some elephants and lions..  But overall it was very cool..  The boys seemed to like it.  Mitch was much more engaged this time than he was last year.  It could be the age, they could be more mature, or perhaps he's interested in becoming a clown.  And based on the rising costs of college tuition and what it's projected to be in 2024 when he's about to go (ugh, I did really just type that?) I wonder..  do they give scholarships for Clown College?

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