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Rock Fists

Monday, October 31, 2011

Why Is the Sky Blue?

Daddy, is it raining?  Yes, Max is it..  Why?

Ugh..  I had written a blog a while ago for another site titled the Age of Why..   Now they've been pretty good lately about asking those endless "Why" types of questions, but I had to think on my feet for this one.

"Well Max, the clouds in the sky are full of water.  And when they get to a point where they can't hold any more water, they have to let it go and it rains."

Now we all know less is more when explaining things to little kids.  The less words you use, the more apt they are to pay attention.  The longer you string something out, you've already lost them before you start the second sentence.

Max: "Why?"

"Well", I went on to explain "there is moisture in the air and the clouds trap it in and when they can't hold any more, they have to let it go" (not quite sure if that's 100% accurate or not but it sounded good.  Dylan Dreyer if you are reading this, feel free to comment).

Still looking perplexed from the backseat, I tried one more.. 

"Max, think of the clouds as your bladder.  When you drink a lot of water, your belly gets full right?"

Max: "Yes"..

"Ok, so when your belly gets full, you have to pee right?"

Max: "Yes"..

"Ok, so the clouds' belly got too full and had to pee.  So think of rain as the clouds peeing all over you because they drank too much water."

Max: "Oh, ok.. Thanks daddy.."

Think of how many mysteries of the universe could be explained to kids if we only put them in terms they can understand..  Relate everything to pee or poop and this parenting thing is a snap..


  1. I can't wait for the next rain shower when Max says, "hey daddy, it's peeing outside!" or "hey daddy, the clouds had to go pee!"

  2. if that's the worst thing he says, that's fine. Mitch's big thing right now is to tell you to stop tickling/kissing/etc him or else he's going to throw you over the fence.. I don't know where these kids get this stuff!