Rock Fists

Rock Fists

Monday, November 28, 2011


I had Cadi (that lovable yellow pooch in the picture) with me at work today..  So when I got back from my lunch I took her on a walk, which is customary when I bring her in.

After getting money from the ATM, I open the door and there is a mother and father walking in between a little girl, maybe 2 or so.  And while she rarely does it to people she knows, when she sees new people she sometimes barks (Cadi not the little girl.  I have no idea whether the little girl barks or not).  Anyway, Cadi barked in this little girl's face and I thought the girl was going to go flying into the street..  I had to admit, it was pretty funny..  Thankfully the parents weren't too concerned as they saw she was on a leash and we all went on our merry way.

It got me thinking that I'm so glad the boys are growing up with a dog.  They are being taught to respect animals and that not all animals are bad and/or dangerous.  They are great when meeting new dogs and are not scared.  They always put their hands out for them to sniff and get their scent.  They love curling up with her on the couch to watch a movie or just pet her as they know it makes her happy.  They love throwing the frisbee to her when it's nice out and enjoy taking her for walks. Even as recent as this morning I told the boys to say goodbye to Cadi as they were off to school and after Mitch said goodbye, Max says "no, Cadi's MY doggy"..  It was pretty funny.

I really have no idea what's going to happen when the inevitability of life rears its ugly head..  Forget about comforting the boys, who the hell is going to comfort me?!  I have a feeling that the two of them will be strong enough to comfort me and help me through it.  In the meantime, I'll continue to laugh as she barks in little kids' faces.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Future DIY'er

I don't even know why I bother..

I've never really been very handy.  I mean, I can hammer, use a screwdriver, wrench, etc..  But you're not going to see me out there framing a garage or anything.  I did put down hardwood floor in my hallway and the dining room..  While I did have some help (someone to measure, cut the pieces, etc), I think I contributed mightily.

As anyone who has tried to assemble kids toys knows, they are not always easy to complete.  True, some of them are extremely easy and the instructions are pretty clear; others not so much.  One such Cars 2 race track is one of those not so much, at least for me.  While it was pretty simple for the most part, there is a Big Ben (Parliament) Clock Tower that the ramp comes down from and another that lies under the tower and goes up.  Those ramps meet up, but don't connect and it's pretty cool.  Additionally, when the clock says 12 then you can open the other side of the clock and a car will fall out and slide down the track.  However, you need to open it first naturally in order for the car to be placed inside.  You would think that would be the easy part, but nowhere did it say how to open the clock.  Just that when it says 12, it can open.  I couldn't for the life of me get this clock to open. 

Max however sends Finn McMissle down the ramp and the car hits this little lever that's hanging down and what do you know.. the damn clock opened..  He was so excited..  I was, um..  excited for him.. yeah..  that's what I was..

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised.  The day before the boys had woken up early and had gone down to the playroom.  They wanted to open another Cars race track set they had.  Max had brought up the Fisher Price screwdriver to show us the tool we needed to assemble it.  Hey at least he knew what the screwdriver looked like.  There's hope for him yet.

Monday, November 7, 2011


It is that time of the year again..  Halloween..  I'm not as a big a fan as I used to be.. What has happened exactly I'm not sure..  When I was little obviously I would dress up, but I can't even really remember what costumes I had..  I think one year I was Casper..  I'm sure at some point I was some super hero, maybe Superman, but honestly I have no idea..  As I got older, it became less about the costumes and the candy and more about the egging and shaving creaming.  Stink bombs in the mailbox, egging kids on the street and getting into huge shaving cream fights..   THAT was Halloween..

But then the crackdown came..  Police cars patrolling neighborhoods on Halloween to make sure no ruffians were about (Thank you O'Banion)..  And then I guess if I couldn't go egging or shaving creaming, then there was no point and Halloween became just another day on the calendar.

Fast forward a few years and I am out taking the Twinado trick or treating by myself.  To be honest, they were pretty good..  They said trick or treat and thank you to almost every house.. I was pretty proud of them..  I was also pretty cold..  Wearing gloves and earmuffs?  I mean, it is the first week of November right?  But I see that the boys were all into people's costumes, calling out who kids were and what they were wearing.  When we got home Max decided he was going to hand out all the candy to the kids who came to the door.  I really didn't have to do anything. It was kinda nice.

Maybe I should get more into it next year.  They'll be 5 and we can get really creative with their costumes..  Maybe I'll even break out the white sheet and bust out the old Casper costume for old times sake.