Rock Fists

Rock Fists

Monday, December 12, 2011

Max and Mitch 500

Door swings open..  Lights are flicked on..

"Ladies and Gentle-cars!  It's Monday, December 12th and it's time for today's Max and Mitch 500!!"

"Boys, Start Your Engines!!!"

Mitch: "Va-Roooooooooooom"!!!

Max:  "Ugh"..  Proceeds to roll over..

Can you guess which one is the morning person?


  1. I love this. Can you say running gag for the show? And we can incorporate it no matter how the twins are in any given episode. Classic. The possibilities of how we can wake Max up are endless. It'll be a montage on every DVD season release ("Waking Max Thaler") and a full one during the season finale.

    And thus how my brilliant mind works.

    My father used to wake my brother and I up by flicking on the lights and saying, "rise and shine for the morning has come!"

    I hated that in high school. I oddly miss it now.

  2. They love Cars and I read a Cars book to them almost every night.. So I just figured it was a creative way to get them going.. There are stages (going potty, getting dressed, brushing teeth, eating breakfast, getting sneakers on). Whoever finishes all of that first, "wins". But I like your idea..