Rock Fists

Rock Fists

Monday, December 5, 2011

Rosetta Stone

People say that twins have their own language, and it is true.  When the boys were little, (and to a certain degree now) they would have this indecipherable language that only they would know and it would crack them up.  Not unlike that viral video of those 2 babies laughing in the kitchen.  That actually happens.

The other day we were driving home from school and Max was taking his whining to a new level.  We always tell him that he needs to use his words and not whine because we can't understand him.  He also has this tendency to speak really softly which, especially when you're driving, it's difficult to hear. (Usually because the music is turned up too loud to drown out his whining)

After about 7-8 times of asking him to repeat himself (and yes I turned the music down, maybe after #4), finally I employed his brother for some assistance.

"Mitch, can you help daddy out, what is Max saying?"

Mitch leans forward and proceeds to say that Max is trying to tell me that my door is clean...there are no more boogers left on it".

Who needs Rosetta Stone when you have a twin?  But as I learned, some things are just better left unsaid.

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