Rock Fists

Rock Fists

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Da Dun.. Da Dun..

The boys have been asking to go to a Bruins game since about the middle of last season..  It was about the time when they started really noticing sports, being able to recall logos and such.  While tickets are not as easy to come by as they used to be, I still managed to get us 4 tickets so the boys could go to a Bruins game. However I thought it might be a good idea to take them to a Worcester Sharks game at the DCU Center in Worcester as a primer.  It's not that far from us and this past Sunday just happened to be Pucks and Paws day.  That's right, minor league hockey AND you got to bring your dog!  Half the cost of the dog ticket went towards the Worcester Animal Rescue League so it was for a good cause.  And we got to take Cadi to a hockey game.  How often does that chance come around?

So off we went all bundled up and got into the car.  I had to lift Cadi into the back of Amy's car (not happy about continually having to do that, but that's another blog for another day).  We got to the arena in plenty of time and walked around a bit to see all the different dog-related booths, activities for kids, etc.  So far, so good.  Cadi made some friends with some new dogs as only dogs can (why isn't it that easy for humans I will never know).

We headed down to our seats and they were great!  2nd row from the glass right near the face off circle!  The boys were going to be so excited they were so close to the ice!  They had designated certain sections for dogs only so you were assured not to be bothering people with your dog.  However they said nothing about bothering other people with your children!

We got down to our seats and Max settled right in and was raring to go..  I took Cadi with me, walked around a bit, sniffed some dogs, etc..  As I headed back I see (and hear) Douglas having a meltdown.  He was just beside himself.  Wailing, screaming almost, didn't want to take off his jacket and he wanted to sit on my lap.  So he sat on my lap and then the music came on and he freaked even more!  He covered his ears and at this point was almost inconsolable.  He wanted to go to the top row of the arena.  I told him we could only go as high as this section so he said ok.  We went to those seats and he was still crying and didn't want to be there.  He wanted to go outside (onto the concourse thankfully because it was about 10 degrees out).  So I took him out onto the concourse and as we walked he started to settle down.  We got a frisbee for Cadi (more than likely to be broken the first time she plays with it), some nerds in a box for him and he seemed to be ok.  Amy texted and said Max was requesting a pretzel.  I could have gone for a pretzel too.  So of course as I said this to Mitch, he wanted pizza.  Of course you did.

So there I was trying to juggle 2 pretzels, ketchup (for Daniel) and mustard (for me), 2 waters and a piece of pizza all the while trying to hold Douglas's hand so he didn't run off.. And before you ask, no Amy didn't want anything.  I made sure to ask.. 

We somehow made it back to our seats with everything intact and gave Daniel his pretzel, ketchup and water.  We sat down and we were in our seats no more than 5 seconds before Douglas started up again..  So I took Douglas , my pretzel and mustard along with my water and headed back up to the top row of the section.  This time I needed to know what his deal was.

I asked him, "Mitch are you scared"?  He told me he was and I asked of what?

He said "the sharks".  I said what shar..  Ohhhhh..  For some reason, Douglas was under the impression that there would be REAL sharks on the ice and he was afraid of sharks apparently so he kind of freaked out..  Trying to keep my composure and not laugh out loud (or LOL as the kids say) I told him they aren't real sharks and explained what team nicknames and mascots were.  He seemed to understand and realized they weren't real sharks, but the music and PA announcer were loud anyway so he wanted to walk again.

I said that's fine, but I wanted to finish my pretzel first.  The words weren't even out of mouth before he was stuffing the pretzel into my mouth, making me eat it so we could leave.. I have to admit, the kid is funny..

By now, the 1st period has ended and we have been there for a total of about 1 hour and in my seat for about 5 minutes.  After I got a text from Amy telling me that Daniel was asking when it was going to be over, we decided it was time to pack it up and head home.

While the Pucks and Paws Worcester Sharks game might have been a failed experiment, I'm hoping for a much better result at the Bruins game.  As long as Douglas doesn't find out what a Bruin is..


  1. Funny! Go on amazon and order Peltor kid ear protectors (they look like big, blue headphones). They have saved us a million times at various loud events. =) Hope you are all great! XO

    1. Thanks Sheri!! We will check them out.. We're doing well and hope you guys are too.. Hope to see you soon!

  2. "Pucks and Paws". This has to be the pilot episode. We'll get picked up by CBS in ten minutes.