Rock Fists

Rock Fists

Monday, March 19, 2012

Swimming With the Goldfishes

I guess it's my own fault..  I know I shouldn't let the boys eat food in my bed, but sometimes, it's just unavoidable..

They don't nap anymore at home.  Once they started climbing out of their cribs, that was it.  Daniel had fallen out around 18 months or so and Douglas wasn't even walking yet much less climbing out of his crib.  So we got a crib tent for Daniel and that seemed to solve the problem for the time being.  About 6 months later, we are downstairs watching TV and hear talking from their room, which is normal.  What is not normal is how close it sounded.  So we went upstairs to check and when we opened the door, Douglas goes, "Hi momma" and runs zooming past..  That night we decided it was probably time for toddler beds.

Ever since that day we broke down the cribs and put in toddler beds they have not napped once in their beds.  Our bed however is a different story.  We call it "down-time".  It's usually around 1-130p and they are whiny, cranky and just overall exhausted.  So we put them in our room and put on a movie.  Many times they will fall asleep and take good naps which is the goal.  Other times, they will watch the entire movie, but at least they are calm and resting which is sometimes just as good.  However, it's when they wake up and want a snack that is gets dicey.  We'll often times give them small snacks like goldfish in a bowl in our bed so they can continue to relax and finish the movie.

But while I don't mind them having quiet time, napping or even snacking in my bed, I really don't need to get into my bed and hear the crunching of goldfish crumbs underneath me..  But like I said, I guess it's my own fault.

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