Rock Fists

Rock Fists

Monday, April 2, 2012

Independence Day

I don't get it.. The kid that is able to do everything, yet doesn't.. Douglas is that kid.. I know positively 100% that this kid can do everything I am asking him to do in order to be more self-sufficient and he just picks and chooses.. Ridiculously frustrating.

Perhaps I got a glimpse into the mind of the Kraken the other tonight. After staying up late to watch a movie (9p), they went up to brush their teeth and go to sleep. Takes no time at all and I'm downstairs. About 25 minutes later Douglas is asking for some water.  So I actually go upstairs reluctantly and help him instead of asking him to do it himself (which I know he can do). I didn't want to wake Daniel up. So I give him the cup and he stands on the step stool.

I said, can you turn this on?  And at first he said no (but not just a regular no it was that drawn out 7 syllable no that seems like it lasts an eternity)..  But, I figured he is so tired I I would try asking him again and, be-grudgingly he said, yeah.. But it wasn't just a regular yeah.. It was the "I'm so disappointed in myself because now he's on to me" kind of yeah... He then proceeds to turn on the faucet and fill his cup all by himself.

Well did I just get a glimpse into the mind of the Kraken and is he starting to break?  Or is he just messing with my head a la Stewie Griffin?  I sure hope it's the former because I can't deal with all those song and dance numbers..

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