Rock Fists

Rock Fists

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Timing is Everything

Let's just say, comedic timing is not Max's forte. Cute kid, pretty good at sports, very good at math, loves to create things.. But he will never, ever be a stand up comedian.  And that's ok..

However, every dog has his day..

We ended up having a bonus Hanukkah night as my parents were away over the holiday. So on Christmas Eve my family, my parents and my sister's family all got together for dinner and to celebrate.

During dinner, Mitchell leans over and says "Dada, are we getting presents tonight?"  So naturally I said "Mitchell, is getting presents the only reason for Hanukkah?"  He answers with "No?" Of course I should have responded with if he was asking me or telling me, but I'll let that go.  I did respond with "Good answer."

After a few seconds go by,  Mitchell leans in again and says "so, are we getting presents"? And as we're all laughing Max chimes in perfectly and says "Well played Mitch. Well played".

The room was in hysterics not only because of the initial laughter of the question and not only from what Max had said but the fact that his timing was impeccable and it was the first time ever he had nailed it.. We were all so proud of him!

It may not seem like much, but to see the interaction of the boys with adults and starting to use more adult phrases that we use is amazing to watch. They are only 7 and I have to keep that in mind, but the difference just between 6 and 7 has been astronomical. They are like real little people now. #ImARealLittleBoy

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